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Encounter Capital provides local introductory services to a small number of chosen asset managers in traditional and alternative asset classes. We provide services to leading infrastructure, real-estate, hedge fund and long-only equity asset managers. We work to optimise the efficiency of the dissemination of information, investor introduction and investment follow up. We have successfully executed a large number of roadshows.

Our Team

Yonni Cohen ACA, Managing Director

Yonni Cohen is a UK Chartered Accountant, qualifying at Deloitte London where he worked on international tax strategies across a wide range of financial transactions for global financial institutions, technology giants and supermajors. Prior to joining Deloitte, Yonni worked in sales and distribution in the aviation, financial services and construction industries. He has also researched East European equities at Poalim Asset Management in London and managed a portfolio of insurance-linked investment products on behalf of Rockford Company. Yonni gained first class honours from University College London in Economics and East European studies.


Sidney Cohen, Advisory

Prior to founding Rockford Company, a UK real-estate project development firm in 2002, Sidney spent eight years as the Managing Director of Rochford Policies. In that time, Rochford became one of the key players in UK insurance linked market-making. Sidney successfully marketed the company’s structured products to investors in several regions, having a strong and loyal customer base in Singapore, South Africa and the Isle of Man.


Orr Wolf Dechner, Operations

Orr worked as a Senior Analyst and Head Trader at Granite Alphen Capital Fund. Orr was responsible for executing large trades, developing complex trading tools and investment strategies and monitoring and managing portfolio risk management. Prior to joining Granite, Orr worked as a Fixed Income trader and analyst specializing in derivatives at G.H Financials, a global proprietary trading firm. Orr holds an MBA in Finance and a B.A. in Economics and Politics, both from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.


Jonathan Finkel, Associate

In London, Jonathan worked as a member of the Freshwater Group’s real-estate portfolio management team. The Freshwater Group’s portfolio is valued at approximately £1.6 billion and is primarily located in the UK and the US. Jonathan also had a remit under the Group’s philanthropic arm. Jonathan’s for-profit work at the Freshwater Group mainly revolved around the management of their UK residential portfolio, with a focus on their multi-tenanted residential buildings in north London with respect to both the tenant management and investment analysis sides.


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