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Encounter Product

Encounter Capital provides bespoke introductory services to a small number of long-only and alternative funds. We continually work to better understand the current market conditions and anticipate future demand. A key focus is on fine-tuning our operations, only introducing product which we understand to be relevant to the end investor. We introduce products to both Institutions and  Family Offices. 

Encounter Product Focus

We work with funds managing from $50m to over $5 billion. Funds at the smaller end of the spectrum are typically niche players, providing unique access to income generating opportunities. The larger funds which we introduce are managed by globally renowned asset managers, who have a documented and clear conviction approach. 

Liquid Alternatives

Multi-Family Offices are expressing strong demand for liquid alternative funds, which they are able to manage via their existing portfolio infrastructure; they have ISINs and can be held by Custodian banks. We are seeing a rise in demand for low market correlation products, which allows managers to diversify away from their traditional portfolio holdings and reduce overall portfolio volatility, all with the aim of earning solid risk-adjusted returns.

Private Investments

We introduce non publicly traded funds to Institutional investors. Investors are seeking to harvest the illiquidity premium and to invest in companies and asset classes that benefit from and require long-term ownership and a long-term management plan.

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